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I like art, music, sharks, transformers, marvel & dc comics, tv shows, and grown men who play video games..

"I do what I want" - Ron Swanson

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I’ve been watching Sly livestreams and he’s been playing Five Nights At Freddy’s recently and I wanted to draw fanart of it because I just enjoyed watching him, but eh I give up on it.. didn’t want to trash yet tho so yeah. ;v;”

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//ruffles hair// How are you my shark plushie? I miss talking to ya :3c

Hello! I miss talkin to you too~! I’m good, just been pretty busy. Thanks for asking. X)

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Just bought five nights at Freddy’s imma actually play this tonight with my bro lmao

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You like Creatures,Did not know, Creatures are super Rad,You are mega Rad,Have a Rad day, rad dude.

Yeah, I’ve loved the Creatures for a long time and I still do! Haha thank you! :D 

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My sister asked me to draw Quill for her.

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takdraws sucks, but I love my cat husbando lots///

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